AGI Denialism?

Olle Häggsström has coined a new phrase: “superintelligence deniers”! This is clever because it instantly puts his opponents into the same camp as climate deniers or evolution deniers. But this a curious asymmetry: while most climate scientists and most evolutionary biologists are not deniers, most AI researchers do indeed seem to be “deniers”! This however,… Read More AGI Denialism?

Is this AGI?

Recently, OpenAI announced their newest language model GPT-3, which was picked up by Olle Häggström on his blog with the question: Is GPT-3 one more step towards artificial general intelligence (AGI)? The blog linked to a video created by a PhD student at ETH Zurich who went over the paper in detail. His views are… Read More Is this AGI?

AI and the Future of Humanity (a la Hariri and Brown)

A couple of recent books have taken up the theme of AI and the Future of Humanity. First is Yuval Noah Hariri, previously an obscure Israeli historian who has suddenly achieved worldwide fame with his series of bestselling popular books. The last two in the series, Homo Deus and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century have as a central… Read More AI and the Future of Humanity (a la Hariri and Brown)

AI and Automation – What Does it Really Mean?

That was the tile of an event starring Chris Urmson (center), former Head Honcho of Google’s self driving cars and now CEO of self-driving startup Aurora, Adrian Lund (left) Former President IIHS and Dennis Nobelius (right), CEO Zenuity. Andrew started by voicing a skeptical take: self driving technology couldn’t possibly take over since people have so many… Read More AI and Automation – What Does it Really Mean?

Superintelligence … Why AI Researchers Don’t Buy it!

One of the world’s two top conferences in AI and machine learning (ML) took place recently in Stockholm: ICML 2018. By some estimates, approximately 6000 people from all over the world descended on Stockholm for the event and there were a total of about 4500 papers submitted! It was a stimulating (and at times overwhelming!) event… Read More Superintelligence … Why AI Researchers Don’t Buy it!

ACL 2016

Den 7:e till 12:e augusti hölls den stora konferensen för Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL) vid Humboldt-universitetet i Berlin. I konferensen deltog cirka 1700 personer, och hundratals forskningsartiklar presenterades. I det här blogginlägget tänkte jag ge en översikt över några av mina favoriter på ACL i år. Urvalet har gjorts utifrån mina personliga intryck från… Read More ACL 2016

Framtidens maskinöversättning

Den 54 konferensen för Asssociation of Computational Linguistics, ACL, pågår för fullt i Berlin just nu. På söndagen hölls en genomgång av maskinöversättningssystem baserade på artificiella neurala nätverk (ofta kallat Neural Machine Translation, NMT). Denna hölls av tre av de mest framstående forskarna inom området just nu, Christopher Manning, Minh-Tangh Luong och Kyunghyun Cho. Ett… Read More Framtidens maskinöversättning

GoCAS Seminar on AI Dangers

GoCAS Seminar with Shalom Lappin, Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, and Devdatt Dubhashi, Computer Science and Engineering: AI Dangers: Imagined and Real, May 11 at 3 pm, location HA1, Hörsalsvägen 4 Recently headlines in newspapers have warned of the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to humanity. In this seminar, we will attempt to clarify some confusion… Read More GoCAS Seminar on AI Dangers