Deep Learning with Google’s TensorFlow

Google open sourced their machine intelligence library TensorFlow the 1st of November 2015. The primary use case for the library is deep learning, but it can be used more generally as a distributed mathematical library, e.g. solving partial differential equations. I recently worked on a research project where I implemented a sequence model for a… Read More Deep Learning with Google’s TensorFlow


Kvantdatorernas långsamma intåg utlovar stora förändringar för kryptografi och datasäkerhet. I ett pm från augusti 2015, har amerikanska NSA gått ut och rekommenderat organisationer att inte göra stora investeringar i förbättringar av konventionella kryptotekniker (såsom elliptic curve-teknik), eftersom kvantkryptering idag ses som en reell framtid med både löften om ökad privacy, samt allvarligare säkerhetshot. En… Read More Kvantkryptering

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

es in the Larry Elliot writes in the Guardian about the Fourth Industrial Revolution being debated at the annual World Economic Forum (WEF). This is the revolution being enacted by automation, AI and machine learning, something I wrote about last time in my review of Olle Häggström’s book Here Be Dragons. Another influential commentator to write on this… Read More The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Chalmers Machine Learning Seminars

The Machine Learning group at Chalmers University of Technology is pleased to announce the Machine Learning Seminars for the spring. We’ll have both local and invited speakers covering a broad spectrum of machine learning-related topics, from deep learning to Bayesian and sparse methods. The talks will be kept accessible to a wide audience with interest… Read More Chalmers Machine Learning Seminars